The best pregnancy / maternity pillows on the market

Here are our Top 5 Pregnancy Pillows. Our Top 5 lists are always based on comfort, impact on the environment, chemicals used, the values of the company producing them and cost, so lets dive in……….


Natal Comfort Anna Pregnancy pillows

What we love about them:

  • This is one of the only front sleeping pillows available.
  • Front sleeping can really help those suffering with pain in the hips, pelvis, back and shoulders.
  • They are a UK based company that specialise in this pillow only (so they know what they’re talking about).
  • They have won multiple awards for this pillow.
  • They work with healthcare professionals (allowing prone lying while patients are being treated).
  • They have research backing the use of their pillow on their website (and you know we love research).
  • They have partnered with the University of Manchester and Saint Mary’s Hospital, Manchester to continue building on the existing medical research.

Best feature:

  • Tummy lying / prone lying provides pain relief for hip and back pain.


Kolbray Maternity Pillows:

What we love about them:

  • Their pillows are widely available, stocked in shops such as Argos and on Amazon.
  • Their pillows come in different shapes and sizes. The U shaped and C shaped are the most popular.
  • The price tag is quite low compared to other brands with similar products.
  • The shape of the pillow can help to stop you rolling on to your back whist pregnant, read more about sleeping when pregnant HERE.
  • They are a UK based company.

Best feature:

  • Best shape therefore great for comfort.



BBhugme Maternity Pillows:

What we love about them:

  • It’s hard not to love everything about these pillows and the company. Bbhugme® was created by three chiropractors from Norway. The pillows were designed to help aches and pains that ladies were suffering with during their pregnancies but the company is all about sustainability (that’s why we love it the most).
  • It comes in the most beautiful storage / transport bag.
  • They use pressure relieving material for comfort but you can also adjust how much firmness there is using the adjustable pebbles.
  • The pillows are made from Biofoam®, which is produced from plant and vegetable waste and is certified industrially compostable in accordance with EN 13432.
  • The products are delivered in reusable textile bags, repurposed from surplus fabric.

Best feature:

  • Good for the environment.


Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow:

What we love about it:

  • It features a central 3D spacer mesh panel that follows the natural shape of an expectant Mum. The top and bottom of the pillow are curved to support the head, hips, knees and ankles in the right places.
  • The contoured shape of the Pillow makes a good back support cushion beyond the maternity stage and when feeding baby.
  • It’s smaller than some of the other pregnancy pillows so doesn’t feel as bulky and is a little easier to transport around.
  • The actual cushion can be washed in the washer, we haven’t come across many others that allow this type of washing (good for when baby is feeding / sick).
  • Purflo launched its first product in 1996 and is a UK based company.

Best feature:

  • They look really beautiful!


Silentnight V Pillows:

What we love about them:

  • Well, it’s got to be the price! They’re one of the cheapest on the market and available in most major stores and on Amazon.
  • It’s hypoallergenic.
  • They come with a lot of good reviews.
  • The pillows comes as a standard pillow in white, but you can buy additional pillow cases to jazz it up a bit (see here).
  • Silentnight are a trusted brand and based in the UK (Lancashire).

Why buy this one:

  • They are the cheapest on the market.




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